Hi George, 

I wanted to leave you a testimonial and I didn't know how to.  Here it is here if you want to use it;

We are so happy that we've found Organics Only. The produce is fantastic and they are always on time which is needed when you're planning to feed a family.  I highly recommend using their service!

Kimberley, Strathfield.



Many thanks, order was received perfect as usual, thank you for the yummy Easter egg, the kids can't wait to eat it. 

Hope you and your family have a great relaxing break. 


Anthea, Auburn.



Hi George, 

I wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for my last order.  

Every time I receive an order from Organics Only it feels I'm receiving an amazing gift and in fact it is. Always filled with delicious goodness and every last morsel is eaten - zero waste.

I'm so glad that I found your website, it's changed my perception of local produce which had been tarnished by the quality I have found at some local supermarket chains.

Thanks and have a great Easter break.

Teresa, North Ryde.


Hi George,

Thank you for our box of gorgeous veg. I just wanted to let you know that we are always stoked with the quality and freshness of your organic produce. This week we have a couple of substitutions for items that weren't available. That is absolutely fine with us - the beans and spinach will be polished off in a couple of days! 


Karen, St. Peters

Hi George,

WOW!!!! I was blown away with my Custom Box! Your note and letter and very generous gift were lovely...THANK YOU :)  and no problem about the flour :) Your welcome made me feel like part of a little family community if that makes sense? Which is so lovely these days as you don't get that too often any more. I have recommended you to a dear friend who has been thinking of ordering from Organics Only.


Vanessa, Mount Annan.


Hi George,

Thank you for our order which I received yesterday. The produce is FANTASTIC, I'm so pleased with it!  I will definitely be ordering regularly.  

Many thanks

Amy, Hornsby. 


Hi George, 

Thanks for your email, we are so happy with our box of goodies. It was really exciting to open it up when we got home from work and were pleasantly surprised with the quantity and variety. 

The produce is so fresh and tasty that I don't think we can ever go back to store bought! 

Thanks again for the extra goodies in the box and the tea, it was a lovely personal touch that drew us to your company in the first place. 


Katie, Mosman.


Just got our first order, opened the box to a view of absolute abundance of fresh fruit and veg. Tried a tangelo - the freshest and tastiest one i have ever had. The quality of the rest of the box is outstanding,thanks guys we will be ordering again!!

Michael, Shell Cove.


Thanks George,

I'll make sure I make the order before Sunday, I know you guys are conscious of the one trip to reduce pollution, I think that's heaps conscious, not too many people out there on the level. I respect that tenfold, Cheers George!

Axel, Casula.


Thank you George. The selection was wonderful this week. Loved the tea too. Great to have found a decent organic box delivery service.

Nicola, Bayview.


Hello George, 

My goodness I just wanted to say a big thank you for your kindness in sending along a gift of all of those wonderful teas with my delivery. 

That truly is so lovely of you. These teas will be lovely to help with my recovery. 

You are a remarkable businessman George.  I can just imagine my local Coles store doing this for me!!! 

All the best,


Kerrie, Epping.


Dear George, 

Thank you very, very much! You really make my life easier!

Maria, Sydney City.



Dear George, 

Thanks so much for the first delivery and the lovely welcome gifts! The fruit and veg is amazing!!


Avril, Redfern.


Hi George,

Your personal service is much appreciated.  Its what's sadly lacking in our shopping experience these days - am I giving away my age here?   It reminds me of shopping with Grandma at Mr Parisi's fruit shop .  He was always so friendly and helpful and there was always a small treat for my sister and myself.  Keep up the good work.

I was also blown away by the taste of the plums, grapes, cherry tomatoes and cucumber and by the freshness of the spinach.  Thank you.

Cate, Breakfast Point.


Hi George,

Just had to say thank you so much for the extra delicious baby carrots!! Yummy, my girls had a bunch eaten before I had even unpacked my delivery! 

Bernadette, Maroubra.


Wow! Organics Only you just get better and better every week. You are helping our mission to spread the love of nutrition that little bit easier and much more delicious. Keep up the awesome work.


Rosie, thenutritionists.com


Hi George,

Thank you for your incredible service and beautiful produce!

Anneke, North Willoughby.


Hi George,

Thank you for always supplying us with such great quality fruit and veg and for the wonderful customer service you provide!!

Bernadette, Maroubra.


Hi George,

We are loving the summer fruits – no alterations needed at this stage. Thus far the boxes have been very much to our liking. I personally think we have hit the jackpot with you as our Supplier. Loads of thanks for the Green tea sample box.

Peta, Corporate CBD.


Hi George,

We could not be more happy with our recent deliveries of fruit. The fruits are plump, crisp and fresh – not to mention the bountiful bananas (just the way we like them). We have had Organic fruit deliveries before, and have never received produce of this quality. Thanks again,

Peta, Corporate CBD.

Also mate, one more thing - when I spoke to Alice on the phone after she'd called you, she said what a nice guy you'd been and really helpful. So thanks for that George, that's really cool.

Thomas, London.

I will continue to order through you as I have always been impressed by your commitment to your customers and by the quality of produce you supply. Thanks again,

Kathryn, Mount Colah.

We have been ordering the Family Box for a few weeks with you. First, I have to say thank you very much for the attention to detail and for the hand written messages that you always send with our boxes, I really appreciate that, it is very nice from you. Thanks for sending us very nice fruit and veggies, we are really happy with the service and with the goods. I wish you all the best. I just feel like sending you this message to motivate you and to give some feedback. Regards, 

Shelley, Narrabeen.

Hi George, Thanks for your always amazing help, you rock!

Tim and Tania, Hobartville.

Hi George, I just got home and unpacked my first order from you. I am so impressed with the quality and also the way it was packed. You've won me as a loyal customer! Have a nice day.

Naomi, Mosman.


Hi George, thank you very much for organising the fruit and vegetable gift box for us, we had a message from the recipient saying that they were ‘the most delicious looking fruit & veg she had ever seen’ and that the card was lovely.

Spencer & Servi, Surry Hills.

Hi George, I just wanted to say the Paleo Box I received today was so amazing and fresh and the food looks beautiful. I'm so excited to cook with it! Great produce, thanks,

Nikita, Cronulla.

Hi George, thank you so much for the beautiful produce and your welcome gift. Everything is so fresh and I look forward to cooking and eating it this week.

Belinda, CBD.


Thanks so much for the gorgeous bounty we receive each week. It has been making us very happy and healthy. We are just so pleased with the box each week. It's like getting a Christmas present everytime it arrives. 

Holly, Coogee.


A very big thankyou George for the gourmet box of goodness and for the date and coconut treats, my favourite! We cracked open the sauerkraut, it is beautiful. It was such a nice surprise to come home to. Thank you George, I am very proud to recommend you to everyone that I deal with, both personally and professionally.

Zita, Cammeray.

Thank you so much for the extra goodies, it was kind of you. So impressed with the quality of the produce. Kind regards,

Larissa, Leichardt.

Thanks George for the box of fruit and veg. Beautiful! Everything in it is exceptional quality and a great selection too! I'll never go to Harris Farm again! I'll order on your website again for next week. Thanks again and kind regards,

Trish, Darling Point.


Hi George, I'm officially coming back to Organics Only after trialling a couple of others. Your produce is far superior and much fresher and surprisingly better value! Will be ordering this week. Cheers,

Angelique, Coogee.

Hello George, Just a note to say thank you for the most delicious fruit placed in our delivery today. The pears are succulent, mandarins devine, bananas are sublimely full of flavour. Actually, I can hear various staff members raving about how sweet and wonderful the fruit is in the kitchen. Well done and keep the fabulous fruit coming, many thanks again.

Peta, Corporate CBD.


Thank you so much, the fruit and veg are so delicious!! The yummy passion fruit was eaten within 15 minutes of the box being delivered and my 4 year old has asked me every day if any more have been delivered.

I would like a box next week but I think we will need something a bit bigger. We ploughed through the fruit very quickly because it was so yummy.


Bernadette, Little Bay.

Hi George, this is Anne from Lindfield, I have just received my first box of fruit and vegetables and I am absolutely delighted with the produce. Many thanks, I will put in another order next week.

Anne, Lindfield.

Hi George,

Just to let you know we are really enjoying our F&V boxes. All great produce and the selections are just what we love.

Many thanks,

Emily, Woolahra. 

I would highly recommend Organics Only for anyone wanting delicious organic fruit and veg delivered fresh to  your door. I also loved their beautiful fruit baskets, my sister was delighted when she got a surprise delivery. George went out of his way to make everything perfect!

Gina Shakespeare
Director, Shakespeare Media, Mosman. 

George, hands down the best produce in Sydney and one of the best companies in general that I have dealt with in a long long time. This is coming from a 'picky' client who has done the rounds and is well satisfied with honesty, quality and world class customer service. I could not fault the box I received in any way, shape or form, down right perfection from the very best organic grocer.

Keep up the good work and may the Good Lord bless you.

Anjelica, Cranebrook.

Thank you, the fruit and veg are great. I have been looking for a true, honest organic company to order from. Appreciate the quality and freshness. Cheers,

Dina, Willoughby.

All was excellent thanks. The quality was excellent - I had forgotten how crispy carrots and beans are supposed to be! Thanks again,

Christina, St. Ives.

I have now ordered two standard boxes with Organics Only and have been very impressed with the quality of fruit and veg. My husband, however, was concerned that this would be a more expensive option for us, so we made a deal. Upon receiving our box of goodies I wrote down exactly what we had received and the following week he took that list and bought every item at our local green-grocer, whom we generally consider as better value than the big supermarkets. I was also keen to find out what the cost difference was. I am pleased to say that what he spent on our fruit and veg was exactly the same as what I had paid for my order with your company. The big benefit for me in placing an order with Organics Only, is that I don't have to leave the house with 4 kids to stock our fridge with healthy food. It is far more convenient to have it delivered and at a very reasonable cost. Thanks for your service.

Karen, Coogee.

Hi Organics Only. My first order from you arrived this afternoon. I was very surprised at the quality of the produce. It was excellent. The mushrooms tasted the way they used to do. The quality and appearance of the vegs and fruit so fresh and healthy looking. I'm so glad I found you. Thank you, "the farmers" for growing such delicious vegetables and fruit. Please continue to do so.

Shirley, Mosman.

Excellent - more than I expected.Thanks

Michael, Alexandria.

What a treat to arrive home to a box of fresh stuff. Thanks very much!

Stephen, Burraneer Bay.

I was VERY happy with my first order yesterday. The quality of the fruit and veg was excellent and the selection terrific. The delivery chap was very friendly and brought the box into my kitchen for me. My friend was there when the delivery came and after learning about how your system works she took the details so she could check out getting a delivery. I also thought that the amount in the box (I ordered the smallest box, plus a few add ons - strawbs, avocado, asparagus) was very generous.I will definitely be ordering again.

Amanda, Birchgrove.

Thank you so much. This is my first experience getting fruit & veges delivered & I am so happy with the result. Ordering was easy, service was prompt & there is a great range of produce. I really can't believe the taste difference in the things we have eaten so far as compared to what we would buy in a supermarket. Who knew fruit had so much flavour? Thank you!

Vickie, Earlwood.

Thank you very much ..this was fantastic service.

Sarath, Cherrybrook.

Dear Organics Only, As a first timer I was very impressed with my first fruit and veg order... the box was huge and packed full with produce ....I needed to make a fruit salad that night so it was fantastic having everything right there and not having to go to the shops....Thank you very much and I will be recommending this to all my hard working... time poor friends !!!!Regards

Maria, Chiswick.

My first delivery provided me with some of the best quality fruit and veggies I have tasted. The apples are crunchy and fresh, and the kids can't stop eating them. I think how the fruit is just under ripe is a fantastic idea as it will last a lot longer. Thank you and I look forward to placing another order next week.

Vikki, Sylvania.

Well, My delivery was a gift for a friend who's husband is very ill in hospital. She has young and growing boys and she was stoked with the box of fruit and veg. So thanks for you wonderful service. I'm sure will will be using you again! Kind regards

Kathy, Kensington.

Fabulous! I loved the variety and the freshness of all the fruit and Veg. Will definitely be ordering again! Thank you so much!

Tracy, Randwick.

Hi there, I received my order on Tuesday and I am really impressed - I had left a couple of things off the list but will remember them for next time - have told anyone who cared to listen over the weekend how impressed I was - thanks again. Regards

Leanne, Menai.

I just wanted to tell you how lovely your delivery person was last Tuesday. I have never seen the courier who delivered to me on Fridays, they would ring the doorbell then leave without waiting for anyone to open the door. To have your driver waiting with a smile and offer to carry my box to the kitchen was a wonderful change! Thank you

Sarah, Paddington.

Hi,Thanks for your first delivery. The quality seems much improved on what we have been able to source through our fruit and veg shops locally (don't start me on the supermarkets). It has been great to get sweet tasting stone fruit. Thanks!

Sue, Cronulla.

My order was fabulous. We have thoroughly enjoyed our first delivery. We were very excited to rummage through our box and find the variety you provided. Thankyou. Please no kiwi fruit though! Thankyou

Cathie, Northbridge.

Awesome! BTW, you guys offer a great service. I was pretty sceptical about home delivered fruit and veggies as I love to shop for food in person. But I have to say I am a complete convert and recommend you to others all the time.

David, Strathfield.

You guys are sooo good. It' s been a long time since I've seen proper customer service! Thanks,

Marg, Double Bay.

Merry Christmas and thanks for great fresh produce, my children have really started to love and eat more veggies now we have the box to put away together, it has started some great conversations! And wishing you all a safe and happy New Year

Janet, Summer Hill.

I just wanted to wish you all a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for the prompt, reliable and tasty delivery each fortnight. My 10 1/2 month old daughter had her first taste of a "fresh" apricot you put in our box on our last order and absolutely loved it, I thought she was going to eat my hand - she couldn't get enough! Thank you :) All the best to you all. Cheers,

Margie, Balmain.

Thank you!! Excellent quality and so far the family agree - value for the money! Have no doubt will continue to order ...kind regards

Colleen, Kogarah.

Thanks my order was great. The fruit and veggies look to be great quality.

Louise, Surry Hills.

Thanks my first was great. Everything has been well received so far and it was so good not having to go looking for fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks

Janet, Bronte.

Hi Guys,We were really happy with the order we received!! Thank you for providing us with fresh, good quality produce which seems to have lasted much longer than the same fruit and veg we were originally buying from the big chain supermarkets. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and thanks for the discount with this order! Looking forward to our next delivery, Regards,

Andrew And Nicole, Clovelly.

May I just say how happy the entire family were to see our box back after the xmas break, it makes my life so much easier and taste better.

Paula, Neutral Bay.

Courier that used to deliver fruit used to "dump & go". Unless I actually caught him or "heard" his van it would be left on my front porch in the sun (not even behind the 3 big trees I have for some shade which are about another 2 steps away).But your guy last week was very sweet & lovely. He brought my box in and put it on a chair in the kitchen for me (& being 6 months pregnant, let me tell you that is a HUGE help for me!)Please thank him again for me. Your service was already great but the final delivery being so sweet and helpful puts the "icing on the cake" for an excellent ALL ROUND service.Thank you again for your help & I will continue to "spread the word" about your service. I sell Tupperware and mention your service at every party I do as I am so happy with it. Thanks again

Christina, Miranda.

Good morning, I received my first delivery on Monday and would like to give you my thoughts. Overall I was impressed. The service from the start has been great. Emails answered quickly and politely, a rarity these days, and delivery person polite and helpful. The fruit and veg were lovely. I will definitely be ordering again next week.

Cherie, Dulwich Hill.

The first delivery was great - quality looks excellent and there was so much, so looking forward to ordering more. Thanks for the service. Cheers,

Cate, Manly.

We were thrilled thank you so much and will be a regular customer with you every Tuesday -- we ordered quite a bit this week so may skip this Tuesday though very pleased with your service and quality -- please keep up the standard and we I'll spread the word -- thanks again

Zara, Mosman.

Hi - great service, great range of fruit and vege, great quality and freshness. Very happy.

Chris, Fairlight.

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you, my order this week was absolutely excellent. Great selection of interesting fruits and veg alike, and all of good quality and everything that I ordered. Sincerely thank you very much,

Dr.Alisha T.

I received my first order on the exact day I went into labour with my now 8 week old son. After a few complications, I ended up being in hospital for the best part of 3 weeks. How grateful we were for the "Big Brown Box" as named by my 6 year old daugher. The bland, non-fibrous, overcooked food provided in hospital was completely supplemented (and often replaced) by my fresh fruit salads I could access at all hours during the (long) days and nights, and potatoes, sweet potatoes and other veges which could be quickly cooked in the Maternity Ward microwave and eaten in between checkups, feeds, needles, visitors and all the other hospital goings on. The fact that my poor husband could just access the amazingly fresh produce for all of us, himself and my little girl included, whilst running around looking after me and his new son in hospital, dropping off our eldest to and from school and taking care of his own nutrition made all the difference to us in what has been a very difficult time.We will be customers for a long time to come. Thank you so much, we are very grateful for your service. From a thriving and happy new family of four. Regards,

Lyle S.

I have been meaning to write all week, and say THANK YOU for the wonderful new delivery driver. The old one I had used to throw the box onto the topstep from 3 down even when I was home. Not once did I ever meet him or did he knock on my door. However, last week I had the pleasure of a nice man, knocking, smiling and asking me if I would like it placed in my kitchen for me. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful delivery company, not sure if it is a new one or not but I am grateful! Thanks

Michelle, Hurstville Grove.

hi - thanks for the delivery. The fruit and veg were very fresh. Am recommending your service to everyone I know! Thanks,

Anna, Burwood.

Thanks very much, my order was great and the delivery man brought the box into the kitchen for me too. I am very impressed and will use you again. Many thanks,

Kristen, Balmoral.

I was very impressed with the first order... and have told many of my friends whom have taken your details to order too!

Kirsty, Kirrawee.

Hi - our first order was great - thank you so much. I filled all my Tupperware containers to keep it all lasting even longer in this heat - have just placed our second order. Thanks again - can't believe the difference compared to the "rubbish" I'm used to at the supermarkets which then goes off after a day or two.

Amanda, Maroubra.

Hi Guys, just thought I would let you know that the boxes of fruit & veges have always been great, but todays box seemed to have heaps more in it & it was all fantastic! THANKS :)

Michel, Centenial Park.

Thank you for the note and follow up. I was very happy with my first order. The food was all very fresh and delish and the delivery man was very polite and friendly. Kind regards

Donna, Potts Point.

Hi Organics Only, its great to be able to make sure my daughter is eating well when i live 800km away she said the vegie box was sick meaning fantastic she and her flatmates will order for themselves each fortnight now its too easy mum thanks very much i know now at least i can help her with fresh produce when she gets stuck

Lindy, Ballina.

Hello, My first delivery was fantastic! All the produce is of excellent quality. I will definitely be ordering from you again, and I've already recommended you to several of my friends. Thanks for the great service! Kind regards,

Armanda, Caringbah.

Hi there, We are on to our fourth order and are very happy with how things are going - the produce is fresh and we like getting surprise fillers. I would like to pass on a big thank you to Driver Run 4 on Tuesdays to the Eastern Suburbs area. Not only does he always arrive around the same time, but he is very kind and brings the box in to my kitchen if we are home - at 8 mths pregnant this is fantastic!!! Thanks again

Shannon, Rose Bay.

So far so good. Very exciting to receive such a big box of good looking produce for the price. I must remember to clear the fridge more before my next order! Thanks,

Susan, Petersham.

I was very happy with my first order... Thank you.. It was so simple and easy to do and i look forward to eating all the fruit and vegetables.. I've already told evryone at work about it... Thanks again and I look forward to my next order..

Olivia, Balgowlah Heights.

To the staff at Organics Only, Thank you for the wonderful order we received this afternoon. It was very generous.....with lots of extras and far superior in quality to the supermarkets. Thank you also to the kind driver who carried the box into the kitchen for me. What a great service !! Thanks again and kind regards

Rowena, Annandale.

This is a great enterprise and fantastic service, it's great getting a huge box of fresh produce without having to think about it and go out every second or third day for extras.

Johanna, Blakehurst.

I'm very pleased with the quality and quantity of my first delivery - Icould hardly lift the box and it was like a lucky dip discovering all the different fruits and veggies you had sent. I will definitely be a regular customer. With warm regards,

Jen, Lurline Bay.

Hi,Our first order was awesome, there was so much stuff and it was all of such good quality, I've been telling all my friends! I was slightly bemused by the sheer quantity of apples we got until I tasted them, it was the first really good apple I'd had in years (retail apples seem to be either last season or floury. ) I'm also think it's great that you include fresh parsley, coriander and shallots in with the regular vegies, as buying these can really add up on your weekly shop and as students we would often just do without. Above all, very happy, but it might be a couple of weeks until our next order while we chew through all this .Regards,Emma. P.S. Feel free to use this in your feedback section.

Emma, Chippendale.

Wonderful. Am a single father of 4 and after mths of dragging my children to the shops and lugging bags (with their help) back home + storing it in the fridge, it was heaven to find it all their waiting at home for me/us. Look fwd to my next purchase which won't be until a fortnight away.Thanks heaps!!

Peter, Bronte.

Hi there, Yesterday morning began with throwing away some of the bananas and peaches I had bought from the local grocery store two days ago. I could not believe the peaches were already mouldy for the good money I had paid for them. With this disappointment fresh in my mind, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my delivery from Organics Only and hoping I would not be disappointed. I was so pleased when it arrived. It went off without a hitch and in plenty of time to try some of the produce for dinner. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the yummy fruit and vegies. Everything tasted very crisp and fresh. I was also pleased with the care taken to pack the box with all the heavy things on the bottom and the light things on the top. The man kindly put the heavy box on my bench. I followed the instructions on the website for fruit and veggie storage, so I am hoping the huge stash I ordered will last a couple of weeks. The peaches are still lovely and firm this morning, so I am confident, I will not be throwing them away anytime soon. I have already recommended you to some of my friends and rellies. Kind Regards,

Kathryn, Ryde.

Thanks so much for the delivery - it's brilliant and we had a very tasty dinner tonight with the contents. Everything is so fresh and tasty, I don't think I can go back to supermarket veg again!

Liz, Breakfast Point.

I feel compelled to say how lovely your driver is who delivers our box. He is always friendly, smiley and the true gentleman. He is the face of your company and because of him, and the quality of the product, it is a pleasure to deal with you.Thank you, keep it up

Jan, Cronulla.

Hi Organics Only. I just wanted to email you guys to let you know what I thought of my first order........ I received it yesterday, and upon opening it I was amazed. My box was full to the top with amazing looking Fruits & Veg.Me and my daughter had a wonderful time taking everything out of the box to see what we got. I was so impressed with the quality, freshness and variety! I never want to shop anywhere else again. Last night I cooked up my first meal with the produce and my kids ate all their vegies (a rarety!) And since coming home from school today my daughter has been eating fruit non-stop! Everything tastes delicious too. Thanks Organics Only for a wonderful box of goodies. I'm delighted! Can't wait for my next order.Cheers from

Janine, Woolooware.

Hi there, I was THRILLED with your delivery! It came nice and early in the afternoon and the driver was amazing - friendly and helpful. All those things make the whole experience a very positive and happy one! I was very impressed with the quality of the fruit & veg as well. Altogether - wonderful!! I will definitely be ordering again!!

Susan, Paddington.

Hi, I am VERY impressed. Incredibly fresh produce and everything I needed to cook some soup. It makes you realise how old the produce is from the supermarket. I will definintely order regularly, probably on a fortnightly basis, but will see how we get through the food first. Also the driver was very nice too. I can't think of anything to suggest for improvements as I am really pleased with the service. I will tell my friends all about it. Kind regards

Angela, South Coogee.

Hi there, What a great idea this email is, as I was going to send one anyway. But is good to have a reminder. Firstly, would like to commend your delivery man. Grant was his name. He followed my instructions and called when he arrived. As I was unable to take the call, he tried again a few minutes later and left me clear instructions of what he had done, and asked that I call him back to let him know it was all ok. I live in an apartment block, and there is no where really 'safe' to leave the box. But we have good neighbours. I did call back when my appointment was over, and Grant was very friendly and apologetic that he couldn't wait for me. He asked that I call back to let him know the delivery was recieved ok. When I arrived home, a neighbour had collected the box and left it outside my door. Again, Grant was very friendly and grateful for the call. We'll have Grant as our delivery man any day! =) Now, the produce! Wow! What we have managed to get thru so far is delicious and so fresh. Can really tell the difference. Was so lovely to open this huge box filled with such beautiful, fresh, colourful produce. Thank you! Am loving my produce. Being a stay-at-home mum at the moment, this is really helping and encouraging me to eat well and keep eating well! I also like the fun in making a meal plan based on what we've received. Thank you again! I have been raving to everyone about this service! =) Kindest regards,

Sharon, Dolans Bay.

Hi I received my first delivery of fruit and veg yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I can't believe how awesome your service is. The website was easy to use, the delivery person was so friendly and carried the heavy box all the way up the stairs right into my kitchen and the order is perfect. I don't eat much meat but lots of fruit and veg and the order is perfect. I've already made 2 big vegetable lasagne's as it inspired me to cook. It's a good idea to have a mix of ripe and unripe as it means I don't have to go to the shop next week. It's also great value for money. Thanks again. Kind regards,

Kerry, Miranda.

Hi there, I just received my very first order from you today and I'm thrilled. Good quality and quantity. I must admit, I only used your service because I have a broken foot and needed some help, but I think your service is the way to go. Can't see myself going back to do fruit and veg shopping on my own again!!! Thank you, Cheers

Julie, North Sydney.

This is my second order - i was really impressed with the first box we received. It was the best quality fruit i've ever bought! thanks

Kirstie, Chatswood.

Writing to say thanks. Your delivery driver Grant is awesome! So friendly and courteous. What a star! Thanks so much for your great fruit and veg and amazing service! regards,

Mare, Blakehurst.

The assistance we got is impressive. The fruit and vegetables (STANDARD BOX) are very fresh and worth it. We don't have to bother with going to the market and be troubled with parking. The most important part, the kids enjoyed playing with the BOX. I will recommend friends and others to take this opportunity. Organics Only will definitely get another order from us when we have consumed our vegies and fruits. Sincerely

Michael, Brookvale.

Hi I was very impressed with my first delivery, especially all the extra fruit, which my teenagers actually ate! Keep up the good work. I am spreading the word. Regards

Sue, Northbridge.

I must say the customer service I have received from your company directly has been unbeatable. Thank you very much.

Maria, Cammeray.

Thank you very much! I am now telling everyone about this great service. Nice fresh produce.Will definitely be ordering again.

Angela, Cremorne.

Hi there,Just a note to let you know that we are very happy with our first order. Your service was recommended to me by other busy mums I know. They described an easy-to-use ordering system and great quality produce. They were right! We thoroughly enjoyed the fresh, tasty corn on the cob that we had with dinner last night, we've been snacking on crisp, yummy new season's apples and sweet, juicy mandarins and I have been inspired to seek out new and interesting recipes in which to use our supply of fabulous fresh veggies. We will be ordering again soon. Thanks!

Ellen, Seaforth.

Hi, My order was great, everything happened as described and the fruit and veg look great. Many thanks.

James, Paddington.

Hi, Thank you for my delivery. The produce was fantastic and fresh.

Jessica, Yowie Bay.

My first delivery was great the kids loved the fruit and it lasted, I have recommended to friends who were here when the box arrived , nicely placed into my kitchen, and they have since ordered and are just as happy. Thank you.

Debbie, Queens Park.

I was very happy with the order and will reorder after I know how long this one keeps us going.  Great value and quality. Thanks.

Louise, Leichardt.

My first order was absolutely fantastic.  Thank you so much.  I look forward to my next order. Cheers,

Sylvia, Roseville.

Hi, delivery just arrived.  Thanks for the excellent customer service, it's much appreciated. Regards,

Samantha, Concord.

Hi there, Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the wonderful service and outstanding produce we had delivered to our home last Monday. I had been finding it a struggle to always have fresh fruit and veg as I have a baby who absolutely hates shopping and getting to a fruit shop always proved a hassle. When my husband told me about a lady who called 2UE to say she gets fruit and veg delivered to her home and it is great - we had to give it a go. So glad I did and was really surprised how much fruit and veg there was for the cost. Well done and I will be spreading the word. The service is really hassle free which makes it breeze. Regards,

Andrea, Lilyfield.

Hello Organics Only, Thank you so much for our lovely box of fruit and vegatables. It was wonderful, and well within our family budget. We will definately be ordering again next week. Thank you and have a lovely day.

Natalie, Marrickville.

Hi, thanks for our order, everything is great and has exceeded expectations.

Gill, Stanmore.

Hi There, Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with my order.  The produce and service was excellent.  Well done. The only issue I did have was that there were no mandarins in the order.  But don’t worry – there was so much fruit and veg I don’t think they will be missed. Kind regards,

Sherilynn (Sheri), Gymea.

Hi, Today I received my first delivery...and I after some apprehension and wondering if I had done the right done thing, I must say I was very impressed. The quality of the fruit & vegetables is absolutely great. It was hard to visualise the size of the boxes, so I wasn't sure which one to order for four adults. Thank you for filling up the "gaps" with the extra fruit & vegies. I couldn't fit all the fruit in my fruit bowl! Will be using you again in the future... Regards....

Daphne, Canada Bay.

Hi there, Thanks - our first box was great.  A lot more than we expected. Regards,

Carolynne, Cabarita.

Dear Organics Only, The order was GREAT we were really happy with the contents and how crispy and fresh it all was.  Thanks again and we will be ordering again soon, take care.

Jenny, Ashfield.

Hi, my box arrived today full of BEAUTIFUL fruit & veg - thanks so much!

Sarah H.

Hi, I just want to say a big thank you for the fruit and veg delivery yesterday - the driver was great, callling and listening patiently to my instructions and leaving the box in our courtyard. The fruit and veg seem to be such great quality - looking forward to the next delivery! Thanks again for offering such a great service!.

Kathryn J.

It was great, forgot how good fruit and vegies really tasted. Even the smell of them made us hungry. I loved you so much my mum is now trying you guys out

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