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Organics Only Boxes.

Family Box. 
The Family box is great for a family of 4+. Gives you extra veggies for dinners and extra fruit for the kids. This is one of our biggest boxes filled with your selections from the website and fresh seasonal fillers for the remaining space. 

Standard Box. 
This box is great for a couple of healthy eaters. Depending on your diet, this box will normally last a fortnight if you use our storage tips. You select what you would like in the box and we will fill the remaining room with the freshest seasonal produce.

Singles Box. 
This box is perfect for those who would like to give their diets a boost in fruit and veg. You select what you would like in the box and we wil fill any remaining room with fresh seasonal produce. 

Custom Box. - Your selections dictate the price.
By popular demand - you can now choose EXACTLY what goes into your order. No seasonal fillers. No maximum number of selections. You just select what you need. Minimum order $50. Free Delivery for orders over $150. It's great if you are on a special diet, catering to fussy eaters, topping up a partially full fridge, catering for a party and need a larger order or just like more of the normal 'extras' list rather than the staples e.g. prefer cherry tomatoes to normal tomatoes, you want some Live Broccoli Sprouts each week, you like to have strawberries in your box each week, you love chillis. It's completely up to you!


Once you select what value box you would like to order, you can select the make-up of your box as follows:

Mixed Box.

Choosing a mixed box means that you will receive roughly a 50/50 mix of the best seasonal fruit and vegetables available. This will change depending on the preferences you select for your box, eg If you select more fruit for your preferences then you will receive the balance of your box value in vegetables.

100% Veggies.

Select your most prefered veggies and the balance of your box value will be made up of the best seasonal veggies available on the day.

100% Fruit.

Select your most prefered fruits and the balance of your box value will be made up of the best seasonal fruit available on the day.

Juicing Box.

This box usually contains juicing carrots, apples, oranges, beetroot bulbs, ginger, celery. Depending on the day and season there may be silverbeet, kale, cabbage, tumeric, pineapple. Let us know your preferences when ordering and we'll try and include them for you.

NEW. Paleo Diet Box. 

Due to popular demand we have put together a box just for you Paleo Diet devotees! We have dozens of really healthy people who swear by this method and we have brought you a box filled with items that are compatible with this diet, so you don't have to worry about making your selections, everything in the box will be compatible.

Australian Certified Organic NASAA Demeter