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1. When do I need to order by?
2. What does it cost?
3. How do I pay?
4. When is it delivered? Do I need to be home?
5. What's included?
6. How do I tell you what I want?
7. What if I make too many selections for my box size?
8. Am I locked into a contract?
9. Can I get my orders to arrive automatically?

1. When do I need to order by?

Order by 7pm on Sunday for Monday or Tuesday delivery.
When you first order, the website will allocate you a delivery day based on when our drivers deliver to your area. Every time you order, your order will arrive on this day.

Reminder to Order Emails.

Each week, you will be sent a reminder to order email that will include information about produce news and tips. It will include a reminder of the 7pm deadline for you and will arrive in your inbox 2-3 days before the deadline to give you plenty of notice to order or to adjust your standing order. 

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2. What does it cost?

Delivery Charges.

Delivery fee is $6.60 or $9.95 depending on where you live and when you would like to receive your box. E.g. if you live in the Eastern Suburbs, delivery fee would be $6.60 if you received your box on a Tuesday and $9.95 is you wanted your box delivered on a Monday. If you live in the Inner West it would be the reverse, $6.60 on Monday and $9.95 on Tuesday.

During the ordering process you will be prompted to enter your postcode and the delivery fee for the different days will be revealed. You can then choose which day you prefer to receive your box.

Let's be sensible about it, fuel costs money and transport creates polution. By having different prices for different days we are trying to maximise the deliveries on a particular day to make the delivery run as efficient and environmentally sensitive as possible to minimise your and our impact. If possible and practical, please try and nominate the cheapest delivery day for your area. If you know that our van is coming to your area on a particular day, it makes sense, for alot of different reasons, to receive your box on that day of the week. By having Organics Only deliver multiple boxes to each area you are helping to take multiple cars off the road. It's like car pooling for your veggies! 

Variation in Prices - to set box prices.

The price would vary if you order ‘extras’. These are items that incurr an additional charge and are not part of your set box room - they will be either on top of the allocated box produce or in an additional small box. These are things like eggs, breads, groceries or any produce items that are not part of the standard or selected items. E.g. if you have a standing order of a Standard Box each week and you add a dozen eggs to your order through our website shopping cart, your box price that week would increase by $12.50. Alternatively, if you make selections over and above your selected box value, the website will alert you that you have added extra items and your total will be adjusted accordingly.

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3. How do I pay?

Payment Method.

Credit Cards, Master and Visa, are the only payment method we accept. We process all payments on Tuesday afternoons after all orders have been received. You should see movement on your card the following Thursday or Friday.

You only need to provide your card details once. We use 128bit SSL data encription for safe and secure data use.


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4. When is it delivered? Do I need to be home?

Delivery Times.

Our delivery times are between 1.30pm - 8.30pm. We cannot give specific times as it depends on where your delivery falls on a drivers' run, the number of boxes to be packed on the day, traffic conditions and even a tricky house to find can hold up our drivers. Remember though, you do not need to be home to receive your delivery, we can leave your order in a designated place; for most customers this is the front door. If there is an issue, please call me and together we will work out a solution for you.

Delivery Instructions.

You do not need to be home to accept delivery. All deliveries are left at your front door if you are not home when we drop it off. Theft has generally never been an issue, we have not heard of any boxes being taken. If the front door is not convenient for you, please leave short delivery instructions for the driver when you place your order.

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5. What's included?

Custom Box - Content.

The content of the 'Custom Box' is completely up to you. Pricing is determined by what you decide to include, we only include what you select from our website. There are no seasonal fillers added to this box, so there is no guess work as to what's going to be included. There is also no need to worry about selecting too much or too little for the set box size. This box gives you great flexibilty if you are on a special diet.

Set Box Content - for Singles, Standard and Family Boxes.

The content of the box reflects your selections from our website.
We provide seasonal fruit and vegetables and all the normal staples. We try to include all of your produce selections marked as
YES and none that you have selected as NO and any remaining box value is filled with the best seasonal produce available on the day (seasonal filler).

Filler - for Singles, Standard and Family Boxes.

The market dictates what we use as filler. It is the best fresh seasonal fruit and veg on the day. It may change slightly but it normally includes all your normal staples such as broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, onions, apples, oranges, pears etc and seasonal items such as grapes, nectarines, peaches (in summer months) etc. There is no definitive way of providing a list of filler items as it does depend on the market conditions on the day. Rest assured we will give you a great variety of fresh seasonal items and staples.

Extras – for Singles, Standard and Family Boxes.

We provide EXTRA’s – which are special produce items that can be included in the box for an additional charge on top of the set box price. These include items such as Eggs, Herbs, Chillies, Ginger, Groceries etc. Our list of extra’s and their price may change as market conditions change. Extras prices are shown as you select them and items can be removed by clicking on the item again. If you have selected an extra which is not available on the day or not up to our high standards we will deduct this from your total box price.

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6. How do I tell you what I want?

- for Singles, Standard and Family Boxes.

Produce Selections - Yes / No / Blanks-no marked selection choice.

When you place your order you need to indicate YES to the items you would like and NO to the items you don’t like. Its best to leave as many selections blank as possible so that we can provide you with the best seasonal fruit and veg on the day to fill the remaining box value (seasonal filler).

YES – we will place this in your box (if they are available and of great quality on the day),

NO – this will never go into your box. (You are able to choose a maximum of 6 items per order that you would not like to receive.)

Serving quantities (how much of each item).

Organics Only operates in serving quantities. Each produce line has its standard serving quantity listed. E.g. bananas 1 serve = 4 bananas. Depending on how many bananas you would like you would adjust the serving quantity number.


If something is unavailable on the day it will not be included in your box even though it may have been selected as a YES. In this instance the value would be made up with other seasonal produce of great quality that we have selected on the day as filler items. No filler items will be included if you have selected them as a NO. You would receive more of the items you have indicated as a YES.

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7. What if I make too many selections for my box size?

for Singles, Standard and Family Boxes.

Overfull Orders.

Too many YES selections – if this happens we may run out of room to put everything in your order and you may miss out on much needed items. If ever in doubt email and ask us to include a note with your order that states “if overfull please increase my box size”. This will cover you for all overfull orders and ensure that everything you select is included.

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8. Am I locked into a contract?

No. You may have a standing order which comes to you automatically each week, however if you know that you will be away on business or holidays at any time just shoot through an email to telling us the dates you will be away and the next date you would like to receive your box. Your order will be suspended during this time. Easy.


If you do not have a weekly standing order and just order casually, you choose how often you receive a box, what goes into the box and what type of box you would like. When you next receive an order depends upon when you next place an order – its all up to you!

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9. Can I get my orders to arrive automatically?

Automatic or Standing Orders.

If you would like to save loads of time on remembering to order your fruit and veg we have an automatic delivery service – which means you can set up a saved order that will come out to you each week or fortnight. This means you do not need to remember to jump on the website to place your order, you will never miss the Sunday 7pm deadline and you will save loads of time as it will arrive automatically. 

Can I make changes to my saved automatic order?

YES! You can make changes to your saved automatic order by logging into your account and placing the updated order. These changes will be saved as your new automatic order until you change it again.

How do I skip my automatic delivery?

If you would like to skip your automatic order all you need to do is email and write the date you would like to skip and the date you would like to resume.
E.g “
skip 05/03/2020 resume 02/04/2020”. Its that simple. We will then resume orders on the date stated.

What if I forget to skip my delivery?

The order will arrive automatically and this order will incur a charge.

If you have any other questions about our service, please put our staff to the test and shoot us an email to

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