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Standard Box

This box gives you plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to get you through the week. Choose what you would like and we will fill the remaining value with only the best seasonal produce. Great variety and value.

Mixed Box
100% fruit
100% veg
Juicing Box
Paleo Diet Box

Next, start picking the items that go in


UPDATED THURSDAY 22/03: ***EASTER DELIVERIES*** HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE. THIS YEAR WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY SO WE WILL BE DELIVERING ON TUESDAY 03/04 AND WEDNESDAY 04/04. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ORDERS BY EASTER MONDAY 7PM FOR DELIVERY TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY THAT WEEK. These are my picks for the week, the best and tastiest items that I recommend: FRUIT: Red Grapes are absolutely beautiful. New Season Fuji and Granny Smith Apples are crunchy and sweet, Plums, Strawberries, Blueberries, Seedless Watermelon are all beautiful, sweet and tasty. Valencia Oranges are nice and juicy. Bananas are great as are Lemons which are nice and juicy. Kiwi fruit are also available. Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches and Cherries have finished. Fresh and plump dates are beautiful, as are the date and coconut rolls, great for a healthy lunchbox treat. VEGGIES are all of great quality at the moment. Carrots are super sweet. Mushrooms are beautiful and snow white. Cherry Tomato Snacks are are so sweet and crunchy like little lollies. Broccoli is beautiful, nice and dark green tight heads. Garlic is very, very nice and aromatic. Zucchini and Eggplant are very good, Red Capsicums are beautiful, Tomatoes are beautiful. Corn is super sweet, Cucumbers are very nice and crisp. Kale, English Spinach and Cos Lettuce are all very good, as are Jap and Butternut Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes and Dutch Cream Potatoes. Don't forget, I only choose premium quality produce to go in your box and I am super fussy! Some other suppliers may have fruit listed that I don't but that is because the fruit is not up to scratch, either taste or quality wise. I respect that you are trusting me to select great fresh produce for you so you need to trust me when I don't list something which may be available elsewhere. Organic produce is already expensive enough, there's no need to spend good money on fruit that just doesn't taste real good just yet, best to wait a little until the fruit develops it's sugars and becomes sweet. I try almost everything before I certify it as great tasting produce...So if you have ordered something and you don't receive it, you know why! Cheers, George.

Australian Certified Organic NASAA Demeter